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Here are some frequently asked questions about CP, this list will no doubt grow over time as new questions are asked and new players join the game.

If you have a question that isn’t answered here then please contact us and we will be happy to answer your question for you.


How do I book?

You can book either by sending a cheque, postal order or via Bank Transfer after sending us a completed booking form. Alternatively you can use our Online Booking system, please note that paying via paypal incurs an extra charge.


How old do I have to be to play in the battles?

To play in any battle or take part in skirmishes at any CP event you need to be 16 years old or above.


How do I/we get plot as new players?

World and faction plot is there to be interacted with by all PCs, talk to NPCs who visit your camp, explore the world for clues and interesting occurences, join IC groups and talk to other PCs to find out what’s going on in the world. If you are struggling to engage with plot speak to your faction command, many run plots specifically targeted at new players and will be delighted to get you involved. Guarding the gate of your camp or guarding more established PCs is also a good way to get involved, share your skills, offer to scout for information, forage for ingredients, brew or research potions, evaluate items, and overall ask other members of your faction!

Anybody can write and submit plot for CP main events. If you are a member of a faction please contact your faction command for details of how they handle player submitted plot as not every faction approaches it in the same way. If you are a mercenary then please contact your mercenary liaison team for details of how they approach this. Please note that all plot is checked by the CP plot team to ensure continuity with past, present and future plots as well as to ensure that it stays within the spirit and letter of both the CP rules and cosmology. It is advised that you work with a member of staff if you want to submit plot to make it a more straightforward process as they are likely to be aware of ongoing plots in order to ensure suitability. You may be asked to change or adapt any plot submitted and plots that target only one or a very few PCs will understandably be given less resource than plots which involve many PCs. If you are a group leader, it is sensible to discuss integrating any plot ideas you may have with plot running within your faction already.


How do I get my plot run for my group?

If you have submitted plot to your faction command or mercenary liaison team, they in turn submit the plot for the whole faction to the CP plot team who approve or suggest changes to plots and ultimately run the plot and any required NPCs or monsters at events.


How do I get rank?

Rank is given out by factions based on ability, service to the faction and often heroic deeds. Certain other in game organisations are capable of giving out rank as well but you will need to join those organisations IC to discover this. Mercenaries cannot gain rank from within the mercenaries but could in some circumstances gain it from a faction.


How do I become a referee?

There are several types of referees in CP;

  • Faction command who run their factions IC and OOC;
  • Faction referees who are players that assist with running monster slots, refereeing during battles and also write and run plot in some factions (all factions run their plot differently so speak with your faction command to find out);
  • Game team referees who write the world plots and run all plot at events;
  • Freelance referees who are usually long term players or ex-staff members who have returned to playing but still keep a referee card and assist with running monster slots, refereeing during battles and often playing NPCs or complicated monster roles.
  • GOD team
  • NPCs involved in in game organisations and rituals

Faction command teams choose the faction referees within their own factions, if you are interested in becoming a faction referee you will need to speak to your faction command or mercenary liaison team, they usually choose players who have some significant experience with the game at CP and there are a number of slots per faction.

Game team referees are usually drawn from the faction referee or faction command teams. Sometimes suitable players are approached directly by the game team to become referees, this is usually by invitation.


How do I get to be regular CP monster?

CP has a dedicated monster crew that actively recruits from the player base. Anybody can apply to join the team but please be aware that this is a full time commitment, usually for at least a full CP season, and players will usually need to be vouched for by a current member of staff. CP looks to recruit experienced players with a good knowledge of the rules and how CP works. Please talk to either your faction command or mercenary liaison team or approach a member of the game team at an event if you are interested, there is sometimes a waiting list. Alternatively ask on the CP facebook page.


How does this skill/spell work?

Please check the comprehensive rule book for details of how any skill or spell works, or ask a member of staff at an event or on the official CP facebook page or the CP rules group on facebook.


What counts as armour and what type of armour does mine count as at a CP game?

Armour is always a tricky area of any LRP rule system as opinions can vary widely. At CP we strive to strike the right balance between customer enjoyment, practical implementation of relatively simple rules whilst striving to be as inclusive and immersive as possible. Always check the rules pages.

The golden rules are that to count as armour something must follow these four basic rules:

  • A substantial phys rep of the relevant armour type must be worn on a location in order for it to provide any protection.
  • It must be easily recognisable as armour as opposed to clothing.
  • All armour must be visible to count as armour i.e. not concealed.
  • Armour cannot be stacked to count as protection. It is perfectly acceptable to layer two or more types of armour for aesthetic reasons but only the higher level of armour will count towards hits.

No ruling on what category an item of armour counts as can be given via email, PM, facebook conversation, over the phone or based on a picture. Armour must be seen by a referee at an event for a ruling to be made.