You’ll find here our policies effective from August 2021

We will continue develop these policies and your thoughts are very welcome, please contact us at info@curiouspastimes.co.uk with feedback for future versions.

We are also working on an Accessibility Policy but we want to ensure we get it right so we have chosen to release these documents now and continue to consult on accessibility rather than wait or release something we’re not happy with.

An enormous thank you to everyone who has consulted or helped during the development process.

Plain text versions of each document can be found here Plain Text Policy Documents

1. General CP Policies

2. Conduct policy Code of conduct for attendees

3. Code of conduct for responsible adults in relation to children (ages 0-15)

4. Code of conduct for young people (ages 16-17)

5. Equality & Diversity

6. Safety, Health & Wellbeing

7. Curious Pastimes Privacy Policy Published August 2021