New to LRP?

Watch this video that follows a group of new players at CP, made in 2015 by Slender Pictures!

If this is your first LRP event, or even your first experience of role-playing games, please do not be afraid to ask for advice. On the first day of the first and last event (and often at the middle events too!) there is a new player briefing at the Crimson Moon tavern. It’s fun and friendly, so do drop in! Staff and other players will also be usually only too happy to start you off on your LRP career and will give you the basics to get going. This is particularly important if you have never experienced the fighting style used at LRP events. You definitely need to get training in order to fight safely.

What to bring? You will need whatever costume, weapons and armour, etc. that your character has. For somebody new to LRP this can require a considerable financial outlay, so ask any friends if you can borrow anything from them! Check out the CP Facebook page or some of the other group or faction pages, there you can ask if anybody has anything that they are willing to lend you. Your group and faction can often help in this area; some factions have stores of weapons and armour specifically for this purpose. Charity shops are often a good source for cheap costume and jewellery etc.

There are also many LRP kit and weapons traders who trade online as well as at events, although always check delivery dates when ordering from any trader, and if they’re attending the events you’re planning to go to sometimes it’s more useful to see things before you buy them, especially if you’ve never bought LRP equipment before.

Ebay is a rich source of costume, props etc. although you are generally encouraged to buy your weapons direct from LRP traders as they are likely to be made to a standard that is permitted to be used at CP events. All traders at CP events have their weapons checked at the beginning of an event so you can be sure anything you purchase from a trader at a CP event may be used there.

Camping, clothing and medical considerations English weather! How do you prepare for it? Be prepared for hot and cold, wet and dry! Bring warm clothing; it can get cold at night, and the game remains timed in for at least four or five hours after sunset. Also bring wet weather gear, at least a raincoat. On the other hand, make sure you bring some good sun block; burn times can be as low as 20 minutes. A good tent is essential: cheap supermarket pop ups, for example, are great if the weather is fine, but often aren’t capable of withstanding more extreme weather. Make sure you do not become dehydrated; drink plenty of fluids regularly (alcohol doesn’t really help dehydration at all!) and eat salty foods. Finally, stay out of the afternoon sun as much as possible. The strenuous activities of LRP can soon bring about heat exhaustion. Should you feel ill, do not hesitate to seek the advice of the medical team or any CP staff member.

If you have any existing medical conditions that may affect your health at an event, please inform the medical team on your arrival; don’t be embarrassed no matter how trivial the matter may seem, your safety and enjoyment at our events are our primary concerns.

Always make sure you have any medication that you need and that it is in a safe and secure place, and that someone else knows where it is in case of an emergency. If you have any medication that requires refrigeration, then please inform the medical or event team and they will ensure that it is kept in a safe, suitable place for you.

Finally never be afraid to ask any question. Everybody was new to LRP at some stage and probably had the same questions as you do, so just ask!