Other points of note within the world

Image by Slender Pictures

The Empire of the Golden Isles An NPC faction, the Empire consists of a martial force and civil service made up of ogres, hobgoblins and trolls. Governed by a line of rulers blessed by Kritt, God of War, the Empire are formidable foes and deeply honourable allies.


The Western Continent In 1114 the free peoples travelled to a new continent to the West of the known world, hot and arid, with different magics, spells and traditions, they discovered a number of new peoples, the Touareg, a people of oracular ability and tradition, the Kindah and Sakura, other desert dwelling groups and the Akesh, some of whom had travelled to the central continent and begun travelling with the warhosts previously.


The Trade Council One of many trade and information organisations within the game world whose NPC members visit the factions and can provide trade in ingredients or materials, information and supplies. PCs may become involved in these organisations through roleplay at events and may gain rank and favours, always for a price…


The College of Earthly and Celestial Studies An NPC staffed and player character driven organization that is interested in the workings of the world and it’s peoples. The College meets each day and maintains a library of information available to it’s members. PCs can gain qualifications through submission of research projects and resources are pooled by college members.  A place to explore and research rituals, alchemy, crafting, conjoined magics and the newly discovered arts of necromancy, thaumaturgy and demonology, an IC and OOC resource for all player characters with NPC staff.


The Academy of War A group of players who are learning to develop their martial and physical skills through quests, training and challenges, also run by NPC staff.


The Academy of Natural Philosophies Staffed by NPCs, this group of players are exploring the reaches of magic and combining different areas of magic to understand and control the world.