Pricing Guide

Paying for Events

On the following pages are the prices for the 2022 events. Booking early, and for a number of events, entitles you to several discounts. To use the table simply find the deadline date after the date on which you are making a booking and cross-reference with the events you are wishing to attend. This gives the prices per event and the final column says whether a discount is available for booking for another event at the same time as Renewal. The discount is available for each event that you book in this way. The discount is £5 off each event you book for, when you book for Renewal at the same time. Any such discount has already been applied on the Payments page to the PayPal totals.

Paying via PayPal.

Whilst paying by PayPal is possible we would request that, where possible, you pay by transfer to our bank. The reason for this is that we are no longer passing on the amount we are charged for PayPal payments so if you do use this method we receive less.

Winter Sale

The Winter Sale Adult price is £220. for all 4 events excluding Thursdays and will be available until 28th February 2022.

Adult Prices for Curious Pastimes Events

10th April 22rd May 3th July 14th August Gate Discount
Event 1 £70 £80 Yes
Event 2 £65 £65 £70 Yes
Event 3 £65 £65 £65 £70 Yes
Renewal £70 £70 £75 £75 £80 No

You can book for an event after the deadline but you must pay the full gate price.
Please note that the office closes one week before each event, and bookings where payments have not cleared into the bank after that date may not be noticed and you will be required to pay again on the gate and seek a refund after the event finishes.


We offer a discount of £5 per event for OAP’s, Students and unemployed people. Please note that these are non cumlative, no Unemployed, Student OAP’s please! Proof of entitlement will be required i.e. valid Pensions Book/Statement, valid Student Union Card, letter from the job centre etc. If you require any further information or help with what is acceptable as proof please contact us.

Thursday Prices

For Event 1 and Renewal only you may arrive on the Thursday, after 12 noon, for an additional charge as follows:

  • Event 1 prebooked before the deadline: £15 (on the gate £20)
  • Renewal prebooked before the deadline: £15 (on the gate £20)

Children’s Prices for Curious Pastimes Events

Up to 6 years old (inclusive): Free

7-15 years old (inclusive): Pre booked price £30, the discount for multiple bookings with Renewal applies as above, the Gate price is £35 for any event.

16 years and above: Full event costs as above.

Thursday entrance price is free up to 6 years of age, otherwise the full price applies.

Day Passes

Please note that these can only be bought at the event that they are for on the gate.

Day passes are available for each event at the cost of £35 each. If you purchase one of these you must be off site by 10pm that day or you may be charged for another Day Pass at the discretion of the Event Manager. All cases are judged on an individual basis and the Event Manger’s decision is final in all cases.

Paying by Instalments.

You may pay by instalments for any ticket, or combination of tickets by setting up a standing order using our bank details here.

You then simply send us your booking form showing what you are booking for. Please note we must hold enough money by the normal deadline for the ticket or deal you are booking for or the booking will not be accepted. So please be careful if you are booking, and so need to pay for, more than one event as the deadline for all to be paid will be earlier than the last event deadline date.

For deadlines please see the pricing guide.

If you wish to have any money refunded we will need details of the bank account you wish the refund to be paid in to. There will be a £10 administration charge.


If you need to cancel a booking you must give notice in writing to the office at least 30 days before the event is held otherwise no refund will be given. All refunds may be subjected to a £10 admin charge.


If you are a student, unemployed or an OAP you are entitled to a further discount of £5.00 per event but only if you pre book for the event. This is in addition to any other discounts you may be eligible for by booking early. You will need to provide photocopied proof (NUS card, Pension book, Employment Service certification) of your status when booking to be eligible for this discount. These extra discounts are not cumulative with each other (i.e. No unemployed, OAP, students!). Any such discount has already been applied on the Payments page to the PayPal totals.

Ticket Transfers

Tickets can be transferred with the agreement of Curious Pastimes Ltd. and remain the property of Curious Pastimes Ltd. Curious Pastimes Ltd reserves the right to ask for additional proof of identity or to refuse entry in cases of suspect tickets.