Update 9/2/21

As the situation stands with COVID-19 at the moment, it is not possible to run CP events. However, there is a glimmer of hope with the vaccine roll out that events could be possible sometime this year.

Whilst we are keen to run events if we can, we don’t know what conditions may be placed on us in terms of COVID-19 restrictions or requirements. If the government does permit events to run we will make a separate assessment at that time to decide whether we can meet any conditions to keep everyone as safe as we can. Being allowed to run by the government is a requirement of course, but we may not feel we can deliver the type of event we want to run with any necessary restrictions.

We promised to let you know about bookings for the 2021 season. We have opened up bookings, but only for “winter sale” type tickets (at the 2020 early winter sale price) to give an opportunity for the truly optimistic to book at this bargain price. Other ticket options will be opened up as we get more clarity about running specific events going forward.

We realise and respect that the pandemic has been, and is being, experienced differently by everyone. It seems to us that it is unreasonable to expect any individual to turn up if they feel uncertain for any reason about the wisdom of them attending an event/all events. For this reason we will allow you to claim a refund for the price of tickets for any event not attended without question, whether asked for before, during or for a short period after an event. We know that someone might get into their car and decide they just don’t feel safe or someone may fall ill on the day they intend to leave for an event. This also means that anyone who does book will be able to claim a full or partial refund if events cannot run, or carry their booking forward to future events, the above applies to anyone making a new booking or those who have existing bookings/made bookings for the 2020 season.

We have also had to make some decisions as a company about events if we are able to run in 2021. If we are able to run an event before Renewal this year then the first event that can be run will be a summit type event without any battles or large skirmishes. This is partly because of the potential requirement for planning for any COVID-19 restrictions/requirements and also because we have not yet run a full-scale battle at Huntley Wood (we had planned to visit the site prior to running a battle event there to enable planning site layout and how to use the site to facilitate a battle but obviously we have been unable to do that). Alongside there being no battles/skirmishes we will run a light touch event with significantly fewer encounters for main and faction plots and no faction monster slots at all, both of these suggestions are to pre-empt how we may need to respond to any necessary COVID-19 requirements.

We will make further announcements about other events, including Renewal, when we have more information, and can only ask for your understanding because we simply cannot plan as we normally would.

We hope this makes sense to you all as we are really looking forward to making this happen and ultimately seeing as many of you as possible as soon as we can

If we able to run the event dates and locations below.

Event 1, 30th April to 3rd May, Huntley Wood

Event 2, 4th to 6th June, Huntley Wood

Event 3, 16th to 18th July, Huntley Wood

Renewal, 27th to 30th August, Paccar Scout Camp

Take Care,
The Directors

Curious Pastimes is a professional live roleplaying (LRP) company based in the UK that has been running the Renewal campaign since 1996.

Curious Pastimes specialises in running high quality large scale Player versus Monster battles against consistently fresh, challenging enemies, during which both sides have the flexibility to change and adopt new battle plans and tactics. We also offer a wide variety of plots of different flavours and scales, and provide many Non Player Characters (NPC’s) for players to interact with.

The Renewal campaign has a tried and tested Alchemy and Crafting system along with many other research and trading opportunities. There is an easy to understand and comprehensive magic system that includes both ritual magic and spell casting, and ever-growing opportunities to delve into new and deeper arcana.

Curious Pastimes is a family friendly system that welcomes both new and experienced players of all ages to its rich, long running campaign.